New Now Animal Sanctuary

This is a category of HOPE!

Although we are not quite sure what will become of this page, we can only pray, and ask to be guided. It will either come about, or be left for those that He assigns the responsibility. We are a family of animal lovers who believe in healing. Working closely with animals over the years, we’ve been able to witness incredible growth in the lives of all involved, both animal and human.

Caring for and healing, alongside these amazing creatures, has been extremely transformative. From the giving and receiving of unconditional love, to the benefits gained through training and discipline, the opportunity for trust and healing is always present. Nurturing a creature that shares your similar struggles, but doesn’t speak your language, requires “Going to any lengths” to build trust. Although learning to love through fears can be challenging, the rewards of the process are well worth it.

Our somewhat lofty and fairly expensive idea of having a sizable animal Sanctuary is our “Perfect Case Scenario”. If we are blessed with the abundance to board, feed, care for, work with, adopt out, and hospice critters, WE WILL. Either way, we guarantee that at “New Now” we WILL share our journey with animals, we can promise you that!