Makers Space/Market “Makers Program”

Shop space/trades classes including the construction of Supportive Housing Tiny Home Dwellings. The space, products produced within the Space, and knowledge and work skills gained to empower and equip residents as they move towards self sufficiency are all part of the Makers Program. Items made by individuals/residents will be able to be sold onsite/online to create a source of income for the residents along with other local 406 Makers. “Maker Shadowing” with established artisans working in conjunction with New Now will also be part of the jobskill/entrepreneurial training.

Maker Membership

A membership that allows public individuals to use shop space, tools and take advantage of classes offered for a monthly fee. Members can purchase materials from The Salvage Yard at discounted rates. If products created are able to meet and or surpass a quality review by Senior Makers/Jury, they may be offered the chance to sell in The New Now Store. Membership for residents is on a sliding scale.

Fees go to support operational costs, as well as act as an income for residents.

Thrift/Salvage Yard and Makers Store

Yard/Store dedicated to reusing, recycling and repurposing building materials, household goods and creating new upcycled creations. Sales of Donated Items (Materials) and newly created pieces will go to support operations and provide income for the tenant/creator where applicable. Building materials will also be available for the construction of our Supportive Housing Units. 

Coffee “Any Lengths Coffee” House

This Brick and Mortar/Mobile/Training: Roasting, Sales, and Distribution will be roasted with a local roaster (1 decaf and 1 regular) and co-packed in their facility with our custom Branding to raise funds for NNF operations.

Seeking Local Maker Input...