Interested in Joining a Community?

Seeking Sober Creatives To Start A New THOW and Alternative Dwelling Community in NW Montana.

This Will be a Substance Free Community for individuals who possess hearts for Animals, Nature, and Creative Trades. (Especially Hand Crafted Trades such as Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Pottery, Leatherwork, Glass Blowing and the like. We are NOT in the least limiting ourselves to folks that practice older and more traditional trades. Creative Collaborations between old and new trades will be commonplace at “New Now”! Due to the fact that we will be located in North West Montana, the older more “lost trades” will tend to have a slightly larger draw for locals and tourists alike, as we will have an on-site store/flea market.

This Tiny House Community and Live/Work Property, will be compromised of clean living creatives with open minds, open hearts, wanting to live in a place where “Love and Service” is a mindset. Responsibilities and chores are divided, and problems are shared and problems are halved. We HELP one another. If you want complete privacy without seeing your closest neighbor, this probably isn’t the place for you. 

Of course we all need our time alone to “Retreat” physically and Spiritually and this is to be respected. We are just not a community of individuals for whom isolation is their norm. As for our Elders with limited mobility, this of course is a different story. These respected individuals that have gone before us, deserve our Love and Service. (We must keep in mind, that WE will soon be THEM.)

If this description of “Community” sounds like a TRUE fit for you, please fill out the following completely to be considered for tenancy. Remember, no one likes B.S. So if this just seems like something you’d like, cuz it sounds “Ideal” or you just need an affordable place to put your Tiny, please don’t bother. The truth always comes out in the wash. We just want a group of likeminded people willing to go to any lengths to have a successful and happy lifestyle.

Many tenants will be part of the local 12 Step Communities, and meetings will also be held onsite. Your participation in any Recovery Shenanigans, is not a requirement to be considered, although being substance free is.

When it comes to substances, natural/unnatural – prescribed/not-prescribed, we won’t be entertaining the subject of legal vs illegal, just the one about “free from”. We only “drive it home” this way, because for the individual who is a fit for New Now, the conversation brings a sense of confidence and security, and for the individual that is not…

…they most likely haven’t even read this far. So, if you have made it to here; Please fill out the questionnaire below and tell us why you’re and awesome fit for this creative community and drop us links to the cool shit you make, so we can start getting excited about collaborating!!!

We are interested in individuals in many phases of their development.

  1. Individuals ALREADY owning a Tiny, and ready to experience LIFE IN GORGEOUS MONTANA!
  2. Those currently building or having a Tiny built who are -READY TO EXPERIENCE LIFE IN GORGEOUS MONTANA.
  3. Those Artisans who are ready to pull the trigger and invest in a Live/Work Shop and READY TO EXPERIENCE LIFE IN GORGEOUS MONTANA.
  4. Those in their early stages of Recovery and needing a Support System and are ready to work. 
  5. People contemplating downsizing due to the current state of affairs, and would like New Now Tiny Homes to build a THOW for you, aaand READY TO EXPERIENCE LIFE IN GORGEOUS MONTANA.
  6. Individuals whose circumstances have left them living alone in a huge empty house, while attempting to maintain it by THEMSELVES. Mowing the lawn, raking leaves, painting, moving snow, cleaning, updating… all the while realizing that they occupy a few hundred square feet of their Ginormous Space (that they are paying to heat and maintain etc) aaand READY TO EXPERIENCE LIFE IN GORGEOUS MONTANA.
  7. And then there’s those that will surprise us with a GENIUS and UNEXPECTED Brilliant idea like the fact that they are a Clean and Sober Gardener Extraordinaire who owns a legit 4 Season Meticulously Restored Vintage Trailer, that would look FANTASTIC on the property (adding to the Professional Artisan Vibe) and want to discuss a barter. Who knows… SURPRISE US!

Please Note that the form below requests that you include a 2-5 minute video of yourself telling us why you feel this is something that you'd like to be part of.

So please be sure to have that ready before submitting this form as it will be required.

If you need any instruction on how to upload your clips, here are some helpful “how to” videos:

For Google Drive:

How to share video using Google Drive:

For YouTube:

How to share a private video on YouTube:

For Dropbox:

How to share a video using Dropbox:

We are garnering quite a bit of interest so please be patient with us as we begin to contact those qualifying applicants for Video interviews!

Until then – Be GOOD to yourselves. Be GOOD to others. And MAKE, MAKE, MAKE!