NOT "A Sober Living".

On this path, we have learned to surround ourselves with Greatness, not only those who possess it, but most importantly, those that will acknowledge our own.

We seek great yet humble wisdom, practice the Golden Rule, and freely give what was so freely given to us. Just as iron sharpens iron, we are meant to encourage one another and build each other up. At “New Now” our goal is to create an environment where love and service are paramount and community is key.

With residents with long term sobriety as a support system, we strive to share our lives and resources with those in need. The New Now Village – Sober Tiny House Community, is a place where we aim to Create Space for Grace.


Short Term and Long Term Tiny House Rentals Coming Soon!


We plan to be the Salvage Yard to drool over. Upcycle Haven...


Come and build. Come and buy. Whatever your fancy join us!